How to Reset Gmail Password – Recover Gmail Account Password

Reset Gmail Password: Gmail is the Google’s free web-based email service. Gmail is the most common email service we use in our daily life. It is used for various purposes professionally, personally and even for creating Face book accounts. We can’t maintain the same password for all the accounts for security reasons.  So people usually create more than one account with different passwords, and they confuse more often resulting in forgetting passwords. It’s been a widespread problem for everyone forgetting their passwords. We cannot access our Gmail account in the case of forgetting the password, or it got hacked by someone. If it got hacked, no need to be panic, first we need to check if we still can access our account. If we were luckily able to access our account, then we have to first change the old password by resetting it so that the hacker can’t access the Gmail account anymore with the old password.

How to Reset Gmail Password @

Hacking is the most severe problem faced by so many nowadays. The best solution for this kind of challenges is securing your Gmail account with two step verification process, and it is effortless to use in a highly secured manner. Two step verification process helps you in the way that you will get a confirmation SMS which is nothing but the Google verification code to your mobile number whenever you sign into your Gmail account. The mobile number which you use for this process should be able to be accessed. It doesn’t mean that the account will never be hacked because installing spyware on your computer which can monitor everything that appears on your screen. But Two Verification process gives you a right level of security for your Gmail account and makes challenging for a hacke

We can change the password of a Gmail account in two situations; one is that when you forgot your password and the other is that when you want to change your old password.

Here are the few easy steps to follow to reset the password for Gmail account and some few tips on how to frame your password securely.

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Recover Gmail Account Password

– Visit the Gmail website first if your email is not filled automatically then fill it with your email id.

– Click on forgot or Reset Gmail Password option below.

– Then enter the old password if you remember and click on the next choice. If you don’t remember old password,  click on the option Try for a different question. If you can’t answer the given question, click on the next question until you can answer, then answer the question and click on next option.

Then you will be asked to follow the instructions and answer for the same.  It may ask you for an SMS to the mobile number linked to your account.

It may ask you for the recovery email account linked to your account.

It may ask you to confirm message sent to your email linked to your account.

It even may ask you for the email account which you can immediately.

Either of the above options needs to be answered to proceed further.

– So after entering the Verification SMS or an email from Google, enter the new password and confirm it by entering again.

– Click on the change password option now and now click on accept the choice.

– Now your password is recovered and will be able to sign in.

– If you still can’t sign into your account, explain the reason in brief and submit. Google will get back to you within 3-5 business days.

Way to Change Gmail Password On Android/iPhone

–  First, sign into Gmail account for which you want to change the password.

–  Click on the Settings option which is in the shape of gear on the right-hand side, then again click on the sub-option settings.

–  Click on Accounts and Import option.

–  Click on the change password option.

–  Enter the current password followed by the new password. Enter the new password twice to confirm.

–  Click on the eye option to avoid confusion while you type the new password.

–  Click change password option and your old password will get modified by the new one.

–  Now sign out and sign in with your new password. Your password is changed successfully.

So now we have Reset Gmail Password in two easy ways. Now let us discuss few tricks helpful in creating a unique, highly secure password. Before discussing the tips, let me give you few common mistakes that we do in passwords.

Many straightforwardly create passwords like based on spouse names, a hobby in a simple pattern thinking that they will be very easy to remember. It’s essential to create a unique password, and you use the same password for all the accounts. Because, if hacker cracked out your password, he could be able to access each of your social sites. So it’s essential to be cautious while creating a password not only for Gmail but every account of yours.

Tips on Creating a Gmail Password

–  Avoid using personal information such as your name, birthdays because it is straightforward for someone to guess your password.

–  Use long passwords instead of a short password; it should be at least six characters long.

–  Try to always include Upper case, Lower case, symbols, and numbers in your password.

–  Never write your passwords anywhere. Instead, you can store them online.

–  It’s good to create always a random password.

–  Always use different passwords for different accounts.

–  If you find difficulty in creating a unique one, try using Password generator in the browser.

–  Never use previously used passwords again. They need to be avoided strictly.

–  Passwords are case-sensitive when you log into your account make sure first Caps lock is on/off if you didn’t notice that when you log in, may think that password is wrong and reset password unnecessarily.