How to Merge Gmail Accounts – Transfer Data From Google Account to Another

How to Merge Gmail Accounts: Merging Gmail accounts is nothing but combining all your email accounts using Gmail. Nowadays it’s become prevalent for a person to have Gmail account. One may have more than email accounts which were created for various purposes such as the business account to send emails to a business account, personalized to mail friends and some other account only for facebook. According to several studies, it was proved that email takes more time of the day for many business people. It’s tough to log into each account daily and check emails. Combining all email accounts using Gmail saves time which is Mail merging. It helps to log in only one account and can get emails at once. There is no need to log in and log out each time. It even helps not in wasting the time of remembering passwords.  We can even send emails from different accounts by choosing the mail id from which you want to send.

How to Merge Gmail Accounts Step-By-Step Process

Merging of email accounts can be possible only in Gmail using POP and IMAP options. POP is nothing but Post Office Protocol. It is used to retrieve email from the email server. POP is a much simpler protocol, making implementation easier. POP mail moves the message from one server to your local computer. POP treats the mailbox as one store and has no concept of folders. IMAP is the advanced version; it is the Internet Message Access Protocol. It also helps in retrieving emails from the mail server. It is much more advanced and faster than the POP. This option is selected to merge emails.

How to Merge Gmail Accounts

Merging of emails only provided by Google, it made our work so easy. If we don’t have the possibility of mail merging, we may face difficulties logging into every account created for different purposes and checking emails, replying and difficult to remember passwords. So many still don’t  know the processing of mail merging and struggling by logging in and logging out into various accounts they are using.

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Let’s learn how to merge the accounts straightforwardly and to manage your multiple accounts by following various steps.

  • To Merge Gmail Accounts, the first step is to forward email using Gmail.
  • The first log into Gmail account from which you want to forward mail, this will be the secondary account which you use less frequent. All emails will be merged into the account which you use more frequently, and that will be your primary account.
  • In the secondary Gmail account, click on the settings which on the top right corner in gear shaped and click on the configuration option.
  • Click on the ‘Forwarding and POP/IMAP’ option and check the forward settings.
  • Click on ‘Add a Forwarding Address’, and add the email address.
  • Click next to continue and confirm the email address you want to forward email.
  • It shows a pop up telling Gmail is verifying the email address where you want to forward.
  • Click on OK option. The primary email receives a verification email from Gmail.
  • Now check the primary email, you will receive a confirmation code and link.
  • Confirmation code needs to be entered in ‘Forwarding and POP/IMAP’ in the secondary account and click on the confirmation email.
  • Then it shows a pop up a confirmation and clicks on confirm.
  • You will now receive a final confirmation success telling that forwarding process is properly set up.
  • Now you receive the secondary account email to the primary email account.

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Now if we send mail from the email account, it may appear as sending from Gmail account. This can be avoided by following the below steps. Let’s work out with these easy steps to prevent such issues.

  • In Gmail, click on the settings option in the right corner in gear shape and choose  ‘Accounts and Import’ tab.
  • In ‘Accounts and Import’ within send email, click on another email of yours.
  • Enter the secondary email address. You may also edit the displayed name and specify a different reply-to address. Gmail prompts you to verify the secondary email address.
  • Click on send a verification message to a secondary email address.
  • Check the email; you will receive a verification email with the confirmation link.
  • Click on the confirmation link, Gmail pops up a confirm option, click confirm to continue the process.
  • The Success message will pop up. The Gmail accounts now can the mail as a secondary email account. The process can be repeated for all email address which you want to use in Gmail.
  • Now when you click on the Compose New Message option,  then will be a new drop down in the From option, you can now select here any of the email address.

If you have other than Gmail as primary mail, in such cases we may face difficulties while selecting from email address every time. If you want to set the emails as the default send email address. Then the following steps need to be done.

  • Click on the settings which on the top right corner in gear shaped and click on the configuration option.
  • Choose the Accounts and Import option. Then we can see there all the email address with which you can send an email to the Gmail account.
  • Besides each single email address, we can see the option “Make Default”. Check out the email address and select make default option.
  • When you compose a mail next time, you can see in the “from” field that the email address which you selected will be chosen as default email address.

We have now finished merging the multiple Gmail accounts. No more logging into multiple accounts and wasting time in maintaining multiple accounts. By the above process, it’s obvious that we can merge Gmail with Gmail accounts and other email accounts with Gmail. This way you can check your various accounts with little effort.