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Gmail Sign Up: You landed in a right place where you can get the clear understanding of How to Create a Gmail Account. This means, the signup process for getting access to a Gmail account. It is a platform designed and developed by Google email team long ago. Each & every human being who lives in the technology world using this email account to communicate with the colleagues, friends, family or any other strangers. The email account is a mandatory part of our innovative life. Once you sign up for the Gmail account, you will get access to many services offered by Gmail account under your Gmail account for free of cost. Those free services help you in many ways of your daily life. You can store your data & files in Google drive. You can share a document with others and much more. Gmail is the most used and reputed email account system across the globe. I take you to the step by step Gmail sign up process, continue reading.

Steps involved in Gmail Sign Up the process:

  1. The initial step you need to consider in creating a new Gmail account is you must search on Google for
  2. Click on it, and it redirects you to the Gmail Sign Up Page.
  3. Just click on “Create new account” link.
  4. It opens a new window where you can see many text boxes and friends that ask you to fill up with the appropriate details.
  5. The fields you should fill up here are the name, username, password, birthday, gender, mobile number, current email address if you have any. Fill all these details carefully & even remember without fail.
  6. You will be asked for the forgot password where you have to repeat the details that you have provided the details at the time of signup process at times you forgot your credentials.
  7. Remember the 1st name & last name is easy to fill up. Then provide the username which is catchy & interesting one. That helps you in reminding all the time. Give your correct mobile number. The Gmail team sends a verification code to get verified later if any suspicious login attempts happen anytime.
  8. Finally, click on the signup button by clicking the checkbox of terms & conditions after reading carefully.
  9. That’s it. You will be on the Gmail dashboard where you can observe many options that help you in many ways. We will see each option in the other part of our website.

 Gmail Sign Up @| Create Gmail New Account

2 step verification:

There are times you feel there should be high security for your Gmail account. At that point, you have a chance of activating a 2 step verification process. That helps you a lot with the companies who communicate relevant documents or data through emails. Let us see how to setup & activate Gmail 2 step verification for your Gmail account.

  1. Click or browse for
  2. Try to enter your email id & password again even though you already logged in it asks again.
  3. Click Start Setup button.
  4. Add your phone number carefully. And select the way how you would like to get the verification code.
  5. The two options available here are Through SMS or a voice call. So choose one of these 2.
  6. Once you choose the verification method, the Gmail team will send a code to your phone as the message or the automated voice call reaches immediately you have chosen your option.
  7. Gmail 2 step verification team says you will be asked for the same once in a month if you are using the same pc or laptop regularly.
  8. It will ask for the confirmation about whether the computer you use is trusted computer or not. If you click yes, you will not be asked for the phone verification every time you log in.
  9. Finally, click on the confirmation button to get confirmed for the 2 step verification of the Gmail account.

Gmail login

Make sure you have the Gmail login credentials with you before signing in to the account. The sign in or login process is straightforward. The below steps clear how to sign in to your Gmail account quickly and safely.

  1. Browse for
  2. Click on sign in button at the top right corner.
  3. It will ask for the email address & password. Please enter those two fields.
  4. Click on sign in button. You can click stay sign in the checkbox to jump directly into the Gmail account whenever you wish to log in.
  5. It leads you to the dashboard of Gmail account where you can see all the details about your incoming emails.
  6. The emails are divided into three sections. One is the primary part, secondly is social and the other is a promotion. You should check out all the tabs if you are subscribed to some of the social platforms or promotional sites.
  7. There are many options where you can get the personalized Gmail account with the signature added at the end of your message every time you forward to others. Set up once and it automatically adds the name at the end of your email.
  8. The Google drive provides 10 GB of space to store your valuable documents into it. You can hide it as a private area, or you can share any file among them to a particular person without losing the same. Do not worry about your data. Gmail takes high security for the files stored in the drive.
  9. You also can create g plus account under your Gmail account. Click the top right corner. IT shows a name for Google apps. There you find the essential apps like maps, YouTube, news, calendar, translate photos, etc.
  10. This is the way you can sign up for the Gmail account. And how to activate Gmail accounts with 2 step verification. Finally, we also have seen the Gmail sign in or login process.